Bold Virtuality Reality Scanning

3D Digital twin technology and reality Scanning services for construction, insurance companies, building managements, architects, designers, real estate and other businesses.

Our cutting edge technology allows us to create a full scale true to size digital twin of any space, immersive 3D and virtual tours with ability to share across any connected device, including virtual reality devices.
As a part of our service for real estate companies we offer to submit our 3D scans to and free of charge.
For architects and designers we can create .obj files and point cloud export to be used in Autocad and Revit.
We can also provide our customers with schematic floor plans with dimensions, as well as .dwg version of plans, elevations and sections.
We also help our customers market their products by creating promotional videos of spaces and properties.
For event spaces, bars, restaurants, museums and other venues we can create virtual tour and submit it to google maps to help drive customer traffice to your business.


We provide an all-in-one reality capture system that creates a realistic, interactive 3D and VR experience of a vacation property, a rental unit and so much more. Stunning high quality pictures can be created directly on our platform after the scan is completed. We help you Stand out in your market, expand your audience, and to beat your competition by ofering multiple visual assets that we capture in a single True 3D scan.

Our virtual services are backed up by a leader of 3D industry - Matterport.

Utilizing our technology allows your clients to virtually tour the property, check out the dollhouse view of the space as well as each floor separately. Home buyers are 65% more likely to email an agent and 95% more likely to call after seeing a property with Matterport 3D, versus those displayed only with pictures. Our service can help reduce time on the market by 56%.
Increase qualified leads by 49%
Architects and engineers can cut field-to-finish time by 50%

Bold Virtuality services is an innovative, effficient addition to any of your traditional photography services that can help you score new clients. Check out how Bold Virtuality utilizing cutting edge Matterport technology can help you capture images and provide new growth in your business.


Bold Virtuality Service is a great marketing tool for management companies, especially when busy renters may not have an opportunity to visit the property in person. By keeping a library of 3D Spaces, the property manager is able to start showing their property as soon as they know a tenant is leaving, avoiding arranging visits and notifying tenants. Bold Virtuality powered by Matterport technology can also help you sell into rental properties as a facilities management asset. Because a Matterport Space is complete and dimensionally accurate, rental management companies can also use their models to:
• Assess damages & repairs on move-in and move-out
• Reduce repair cost by giving technicians clear directive before visiting the property

Insurance Claim Adjusting

 Create court admissible documentation: Matterport 3D models are machine-made, with no possibility for human manipulation. Photos and measurements are time stamped and court admissible, eliminating any possibility of fraud and abuse. Unlike estimating software sharing such as .esx files, Matterport scans cannot be modified in any way.
 Memorialize the scene: Matterport 3D models provide comprehensive and immersive documentation. Avoid scene spoilage and capture all the evidence you need quickly and completely. Release the scene faster for restoration efforts to commence.
 Bring the jury to the scene: The ultimate litigation tool – Matterport 3D models are court admissible and are the best evidence of a loss. Have the jury experience what it’s really like to “be there” virtually. Additionally, with Matterport you can also produce print-ready photos in 4K resolution to capture and document traditionally when needed.

Hotels and Resorts

Bold Virtuality immersive, interactive 3D walkthroughs are ideal for hospitality businesses. For hotels and resorts, maintaining a pristine online reputation is key - and getting top-notch reviews depends on ensuring that accommodations meet guest expectations. By ofering these companies a virtual walkthrough, we ofer them the ability to give guests a perfectly realistic understanding of rooms, amenities, and event spaces, so guests know exactly what they’re getting before they book.

Architects, Engineers and Designers

The most successful architecture, engineering, and construction firms use Matterport 3D models to help them become more efficient and cost-effective.  As-built creation: Capture existing conditions before beginning the design phase. Replace lengthy manual measurements with an accurate and fast 3D scan. Then import the point cloud or .obj file directly into your BIM software.
 Estimation: Speed-up subcontractor estimates by eliminating the need for site visits.
onstruction progress: Document and share construction progress with owners and collaborators.
 Create virtual punch lists: Communicate effectively by annotating the 3D model with notes, links, photos, and videos.
 Remote inspection: Save travel time with remote inspections.
 Project turnover: Improve facilities management capabilities and customer service by sharing a full “digital twin” of the property with owners. “

Real Estate Mid Market

Instead of focusing on basic packages from DSLR photography, offer your customers still photos taken directly from 3D walkthrough created by Bold Virtuality. With Matterport technology you can choose which photos to take at what angle and what distance right inside of the virtual tour. We can provide you with 20+ photographs and a virtual walk through of the property for under $200.

Real Estate - High End

We understand that high end real estate agents are very serious about their marketing eforts when they land a large or high-end listing. Don't invest into so called "Virtual Tour" that is just a photo gallery on a website. Bold Virtuality with Matterport Technology allows you to create a full 3D walkthrough of a property, and provide an immersive web or VR experience to your client and their prospective buyers. It’s an easy way to satisfy clients looking for more serious marketing options for their top tier listings with a fast, uncomplicated solution.