Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Bold Virtuality services is an innovative, efficient addition to any of your traditional photography services that can help you score new clients.

Check out how Bold Virtuality, utilizing cutting edge Matterport technology can help you capture images and provide new growth in your Real Estate business.

Key Benefits:

Significantly expand your audience

Reduce site visits

Speed up deal cycle

Hospitality and venues

Bold Virtuality immersive, interactive 3D walkthroughs are ideal for hospitality businesses. For hotels, resorts and entertainment venues, maintaining a pristine online reputation is key - and getting top-notch reviews depends on ensuring that accommodations meet guest expectations. By offering these companies a virtual walk-through, we offer them the ability to give guests a perfectly realistic understanding of rooms, amenities, and event spaces, so guests know exactly what they’re getting before they book.

Key Benefits:

Give guests an immersive 3D walk-through of your properties, amenities, and event spaces.

Allow your guests to experience your property online so they can book with confidence.

Empower event planners to discover the perfect venue by giving them a complete understanding of your space. You'll save time and money by giving them a complete feeling of your venue, right from their computer or mobile device.

Reach potential customers worldwide.

Architecture and Construction

Reduce your carbon footprint

Eliminate numerous trips to the site

From just one 3D scan:
3D Showcase - Dollhouse view
3D Measurements
2D Photography
360º Photospheres
Colorized Point Clouds
High-Resolution Floor Plan Image
Reflected Ceiling Plan Image
3D Mesh File (OBJ)
Floor plans in pdf, png and dwg formats

Property Management

Top community owners and managers use Matterport Spaces to engage and inform prospective renters during their online search. By offering trusted, immersive virtual experiences of your community that anyone can experience, you'll set yourself apart and draw in more qualified leads.

Key Benefits:

Accurate tours for better informed prospects.

Significantly increase customer engagement

 Let prospective residents fully experience your community online, as if they were there.

Insurance and claim adjusting

Bold Virtuality is able to capture any loss in its entirety, including its exact dimensions - with no ability to alter images or measurements. This means less time spent sketching, photographing and arguing over line items and more time spent estimating, adjusting, repairing and ultimately – getting a policyholder’s life in order.

Key Benefits:

Save hours tape measuring and sketching 

Capture the loss fully - no missing photos

Conduct remote adjusting and estimating

Capture any pre-packout damage to contents

Comprehensive Loss Documentation (including contents)

 Floor Plan Creation for use in Xactimate

Share easily with adjusters, estimators, consultants

Create documentation admissible in court

Promotional and marketing materials

Using 3D photos, 360 Panoramas, Google Earth Technology and other visual materials we can create a stunning promotional video or print materials for your listing, architectural wonder or any other space of your choosing.

Matterport training

Do you plan on purchasing a Matterport scanner and use your own crew? We will be happy to help you hit the ground running and provide professional Matterport training to your team members.

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